Go Poker

Go Poker was a website developed as a three-person group project using Go. Though it is a bit rough around the edges, it is possible to play poker (five-card draw) online against opponents over the internet. It is written almost entirely in Go, and uses a Postgres database to save user details. It was written so that development could be done on multiple operating systems, so it can be run entirely in a Vagrant virtual machine. I did the majority of development for the project, being the main contributor to all sections except the poker logic. I'd like to clean up the project a bit and host it on a subdomain.

Encryption Wiki

As another group project, myself and three others wrote a wiki entry on encryption and designed a presentation to teach fourth-year business students about the basics of encryption. The entry covers modern implementations and uses of encryption, and focuses on how to use this knowledge to inform business decisions.

This website is nicely containerized. There are several subdomains I use that host different services. I've documented the process on GitHub and have automated most of the deployment.

Debating Resources

Having participated in competitive debate for about 13 years, and coached it for nearly a decade, I found myself referring beginners to the same resources again and again. I've collected a number of those resources on to make it simpler for me to show beginners where to start.

Teaching Resources

As a teachings assistant, I found it useful to to distribute helpful material to students on my own website. As an archive (or for future reference), that material has been saved at

As a member, and eventually president, of the SFU Debate Society, I created a website used to coordinate tournament details, club information, and useful links. The code is available, but I no longer control the or domains and the hosting has not been maintained. I may pick up the domains on their expiry and point them to a slimmed-down version of the site that points users to the official Facebook page. The site was originally written in PHP, but I would prefer a static website.

Golang Contact Manager

A simple contact manager web application written in Go. Feel free to view the code.

JSON Pretty Printer

One of my first projects in Go was to implement a JSON pretty printer. The application takes a JSON input (formatting doesn't matter, as long as it is valid JSON) and outputs colorized and properly indented HTML. The code is available on GitHub.