2016 NTU-Fuhsing Open

Table of Contents



Round 1 - Education

This house believes that early childhood education in schools should undermine traditional gender roles.

This house believes that academic institutions should not curtail free speeches on the ground of offense.

This house would teach children safe drug use in school.

Round 2 - Justice

This house, as a weak state, supports vigilante justice.

This house would ban private prisons.

This house would require technology company to assist law enforcement units in the fight against terrorism.

Round 3 - Minority Groups

This house believes that indigenous groups who have been persecuted by the state should be given their own land and autonomous government.

This house regrets the prominence of pop culture celebrities in feminist discourse.

This house believes that celebrities from dominant cultural majorities should not attempt to adopt minority cultures.

Round 4 - International Relations

This house believes that the Palestinian Liberation Organization in the West Bank should distance itself from the Hamas regime in the Gaza strip.

This house would criminalize executives of financial institutions that help rogue states dodge sanctions.

This house believes that the use of offensive drones should be considered war crimes.

Round 5 - Medical Ethics

This house would oblige prospective parents with a genetic disease to use embryo selection.

Given the ability to fully carry a baby to term in an incubator, this house would seek to abolish natural pregnancy.

This house would give drugs to drug addicts.

Semifinal - Digital Age

This house regrets internet anonymity.

This house would ban technology companies from tailoring content based on usage.

This house believes that it is high time for China to take down the Great Internet Firewall.

Final - Political Transitions

This house believes that post-conflict governments should recruit rebel soldiers into state armies.

This house supports child labour in the developing world.

This house, as a conservative news company, would not cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.